For individual legal acts, a whole range of documents is required for administrative purposes. If the documents are issued in a foreign language, it is necessary to get an official translation, so called sworn translation or certified translation.

  • We offer sworn translations and court interpreting from/to all languages officially registered in the Czech Republic.
  • We provide sworn translations for all types of documents.
  • We offer sworn translations even in express delivery times.
  • We arrange for full certification of documents (legalization, superlegalization, apostille...).

Documents translated by us can be used at all authorities in the Czech Republic.

  • Municipal and local authorities
  • Registry offices
  • Employment offices
  • Building authorities
  • Trade licence offices
  • Departments of Transportation and Administration
  • Executor's offices
  • Ministries
  • Cadastral offices
  • and others.

Translations into a foreign language can be used abroad in the same extent.