Payment Options

In cash at our branches

After compiling an order, you first pay a deposit (usually 50% of the full price) and then pay the remainder after receiving the finished work.

By bank transfer

In the case of payment in the form of bank transfer, realisation of the order begins immediately after the relevant amount as stated on the deposit invoice has been credited to our bank account. In the Czech Republic there is a legally stipulated period for implementing a bank transfer. In the case of a transfer within the same bank, the money must be transferred the same day. In the case of a transfer into an account held at another bank, the money must be transferred at the latest by the next working day.

By payment card at our outlets

At our branches we accept the payment cards VISAVISA ELECTRONMAESTRO and MASTERCARD.

By payment card via our website

For internet payments using payment cards our company uses the 3D-Secure system, an application of the MasterCard and Visa associations, which guarantees security by not providing the data from clients' cards to us, but directly to the bank. As a result, none of our employees has access to this data.

This method of payment can be implemented with the aid of a payment terminal. You will be informed by e-mail of the result of the transaction.

Payment via the internet can be made using the cards VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MAESTRO and MASTERCARD.

Payment options according to type of document

  • Payment on the basis of deposit invoice
    If you are unable to visit our branch in person, we will compile a price calculation for you on the basis of the documents you send us (in electronic form by e-mail or in physical form by post, courier service etc.), and will subsequently compile a deposit invoice.

    There are two methods of payment: by bank transfer or payment card via our website, depending on your choice. The realisation of your order will commence immediately after we receive the requested amount.
  • Payment on the basis of invoice
    Payment on the basis of an invoice is the payment method applied in the majority of our long-term corporate clients after the realisation of the first order. The condition is that the client sends a regularly confirmed order with its invoicing details, and has proven payment ethics.
  • Cash on delivery
    In the case of smaller scale orders, it is possible to pay cash on delivery via Czech Post. This service is charged according to the current tariff. You will be informed of the full amount to pay in the confirmation of your inquiry.