Certification - Legalization

Sworn translations are closely connected with document certification. In order for your document to be fully accepted in foreign countries, it is necessary to have it properly certified before you have it translated by a sworn translator.

Our company provides all types of certification in connection with sworn translations:

  • legalization and superlegalization
  • apostille
  • notarial certification of documents
  • court certification of the translationas well as of the court interpreter

If a public document which was issued or certified by an authority of a body of the Czech Republic or signed before it (hereinafter only “document”) is to be acknowledged in a foreign country, some countries require it to be furnished with higher authentication of the relevant body of the state administration of the Czech Republic and subsequently superlegalized by a relevant representative office. If the country of destination of the document is a contracting party to the Hague Convention on abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents of 5 October 1961 (see the Decree of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs No. 45/1999 Coll.), the final certification of the document is done by means of apostille.

The legalization process and the exact procedure for document certification can also be amended by bilateral agreements between individual countries.

Documents issued by courts and authorities abroad valid at the place of issue as public documents are considered to be public documents also in the territory of the Czech Republic, provided they are furnished with required certifications.